Rules and questions 300 breaks

What is a break?

When you buy a spot in one of our breaks, you'll receive your team's cards.

Example: if you have the Buffalo Sabres, all their cards at the break will be assigned to you EXCEPT the base cards.

Team Random or Team Select?

For a Team Random: all participants' names will be randomized (random draw live on Facebook) and then associated with the team list.

The card is awarded to the team with which the player is affiliated. In the case of a non-NHL team, the card goes to the team with which the player played during the boxing year. If no team details are given, the card will simply be awarded to the team with which the player played the most games.

For a team that no longer exists, the card will go directly to its new franchise, e.g. Quebec Nordiques to Colorado Avalanche. The Kraken and Winnipeg are currently associated.

For a Team Select: each team has a predefined price based on the quality of the cards and the value of the players in the box year.

For example: a team with the first pick in the last draft will command a higher price than a team without big players/recruits or with less chance of cards.

**We cannot guarantee that your randoms number will be the final number at the start of the break.

Numbers are given in order of priority according to our system.

If your number is taken before, we'll give you a random one.

In addition, 300 breaks CANNOT guarantee that your first choice will be available and/or final at the start of the break.

Where can I watch the break?

Breaks are broadcast on our 300 Breaks Facebook group. You can always watch them again if you miss the live broadcast. Breaks take place at a predefined time, which is indicated in the comments of the chosen break when it is full. To make sure you don't miss anything, activate your 300 Breaks notifications. Please note that we update the post frequently to make sure you're always up to date.

For minis, everyone wins!

The top 10 finishers in the mini random draw win a team, which will be automatically distributed in descending order of price.

For example:

The #1 on the list after the draw will be allocated the most expensive team in the mini, and so on.

The last 10 randoms in the mini win a prize of the same value as the spot price.

What prizes can you win?

1-Upper Deck cards of the same value as your mini spot(s) (to determine the value of your won cards, we will evaluate with Beckett High). The value will be assessed 2 working days after we receive your invoice.


2-A break for losers determined by 300 breaks of the same value as your mini spot(s).

The choice will be announced in the mini's main publication.

**Note that only one break OR the compensating cards will be eligible for the losers, not both at the same time.

**Note also that 300 breaks determine the value of compensatory breaks according to their ratios.

Prices may differ, thank you for your understanding.

How do I claim my prize for the cards?

Simply send us your invoice for the mini at 3 days maximum after the mini. If you exceed the 3-day time limit, you lose your prize.

We are not responsible for Canada Post delays.




Is delivery safe and free?

Of course! All your cards are sent securely in a top loader (inserts will be sleeved and protected only), team bag as well as a bubble envelope. Delivery is free by regular mail if you want TRACKING you can add it to your order in the Delivery section with tracking number at a cost of $15. An email will be sent to you with the number once shipped .Please note that without tracking we cannot guarantee the delivery time of these after sending them from us which is once a week, this is why you have the possibility to pick up your cards directly in store or to take tracking which tells you the exact location of your cards as well as the delivery time. We strongly advise you to take tracking for good value cards.

Please also note that we do not control Canada Post delivery times, some shipments can take 2 days and others 6 weeks to completely different locations.

For customers who choose to pick up in store, allow 3 working days before coming to the store. Breakers don't break from the store.

Rules and questions 300 breaks

You have questions? You can write to us at any time on the 300 breaks messenger or on the site form, we will respond to you as quickly as possible.